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This is an internal and specific communication channel created in accordance with Law 2/2023, regulating the protection of people who report regulatory infractions and the fight against corruption, to ensure good practice in the internal functioning of our Organization, in addition to being an instrument to formulate queries, raise doubts and/or present complaints and complaints related to the application of the CSIF Trade Union Code of Ethics as well as to report any possible irregularity, non-compliance or behavior contrary to ethics, legality and the rules that govern this Organization, and can be used only by those who have a direct relationship with CSIF (for example if you work for CSIF or are a supplier, affiliate, etc.), and you want to communicate any incident regarding our application of both internal and external regulations, you can do so through this channel.

In the case of incidents related to your job in a public body or company or entity other than CSIF, please contact your union representative, CSIF Provincial Union, or through CSIFAyuda Psychosocial Cabinet

All communications made through this channel will be confidential and may be anonymous given that the computer security tool used guarantees anonymity. The sender will be protected against any attempt at retaliation. In addition, any documentation deemed appropriate may be attached to the communications. In case the sender wants to identify themselves, an optional section has been enabled in the Ethics Channel where they can enter their data. In addition to this digital communication channel, we put at your disposal the address FERNANDO EL SANTO, 17 1º - 28010 MADRID (Madrid). Email:

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